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Jepkemboi Ruth Choge Guidance and Counselling in Secondary Schools

This book highlights professionalism and effectiveness of the teacher counsellor in student Guidance and Counselling in secondary schools in Nandi County, Kenya. The author points out that in Kenya, teachers are not trained as professional counsellors yet every school has a Guidance and Counselling Department. Jepkemboi establishes that Guidance and Counselling in secondary schools is not the responsibility of teacher counsellors per se; rather, other stake holders such as school chaplains, parents, head teachers and peer counsellors play a role in Guidance and Counselling services. She observes that Guidance and Counselling facilities, in secondary schools, are not adequate and effective. Therefore, the author recommends that the government trains and deploys teacher counsellors to schools for effective co-ordination of Guidance and Counselling programs. She posits that there should also be a continuous professional development for the present teacher counsellors to equip them with knowledge and skills on effective Guidance and Counselling. This book is a must-read for teacher educators, professional school counsellors, school teachers and school principals in Kenya and beyond.

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Butali Joseck Guidance and Counselling Needs in Secondary Schools Kenya

The safety of both members of the society and their property is central for harmonious coexistence; therefore this study investigated the factors influencing secondary school students to steal and their need for guidance and counseling. Theft among secondary school students is on high increase and persisting among indiscipline cases in secondary schools. The Kenya Government through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology basing on previous researches has recommended guidance and counseling as the alternative means to punishment in dealing with students' maladaptive behaviors and matters of indiscipline in secondary schools. The objectives of the study were: (i) Investigate the prevalence of theft cases among secondary school students. (ii) Factors influencing secondary school students to steal. (iii) The effects of students' stealing in secondary schools. (iv) Guidance and counseling services for students who steal. Both the Transactional Analysis Theory of Eric Berne and Psychoanalysis Theory of Sigmud Frued were used to give theoretical framework of this study.

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Wambaria Mary Professional Use of Electronic Communication Media in Education

Electronic Communication Media have been in use in education, and other sectors in Kenya and many countries for many years. However, while evidence shows a dramatic increase in investment in Electronic Communication Media hardware and software, there is no clear empirical information on their professional use in Kenya schools or indeed other countries in Africa. Hence, this study investigated the professional use of Electronic Communication Media by teachers in Kenyan secondary schools. The specific research questions were: What are the teachers' perceptions on professional use of Electronic Communication Media in secondary schools in Kenya? How are Electronic Communication Media used by teachers in secondary schools? What issues influence teachers' use of Electronic Communication Media in secondary schools in Kenya? The study was done in Machakos County. A mixed approach was used where both qualitative and quantitative data were concurrently generated. A sample of 59 schools, drawn from all the eight districts of the county was taken involving a total of 227 teachers in the quantitative aspect and Four purposively selected principals in the qualitative bit.

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Musiiwa Petty The Effectiveness of Guidance and Counselling in Zimbabwean schools

Children today are exposed to the ever escalating social and psychological challenges like divorce, poverty and other forms of abuse by parents, care givers, and guardians. Some children are abandoned at birth and some parents no longer give their children the care and emotional support needed. These traumatic experiences haunt them during play and learning at school. Guidance and Counselling is therefore essential to assist such victims to use inner resources to cope with the multi-challenges and attain congruency. The school system is usually tasked to provide Guidance and Counselling services to children. Zimbabwe adopted Guidance and Counselling in the primary school curriculum as a mandatory policy in an effort to transform lives of 'a special population.' The effectiveness of Guidance and Counselling programmes in Zimbabwean primary schools is however, undermined by implementers who view it as a peripheral subject, counsellors workload, limited resources and the complexity of child counselling. The analysis should assist education practitioners, policy makers, planners and other stakeholders of the provisions available and challenges encountered in the endeavour.

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Susan Chepkonga Training Needs Assessment of Principals in Financial Management

Over the last few years, financial accountability and proper management of institutions has increased exponentially.There is a high need for transparency in managing secondary school finances especially with the increased government funding in Kenya . This book, therefore, provides an assessment of the needs of sound financial management for secondary school principals. The success of any secondary school depends upon sound knowledge of accounting procedures and controlled mechanisms as well as auditing skills. The assessment should help shed some light to all education stakeholders on how to run their schools in order to achieve desired results.The knowledge attained from this book will be especially useful to university students, teachers and professionals in Education and financial fields, or anyone else who may be interested in issues pertaining to financial management.

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Asiago Dorcah Teacher Recruitment

World over, education is regarded as a major engine behind development. In Kenya, rapid expansion of education and the consequent recruitment of teachers by the Board of Governors have played a crucial role in steering the country towards development of crucial manpower required in different sectors of the economy. Like any market economy, recruitment of teachers in Kenyan secondary schools is demand driven and schools' Board of Governors take a centre stage. The book presents findings on the effectiveness of Board of Governors in the recruitment of teachers in public secondary schools in Gucha District, Kenya. This book will be invaluable material to education planners, donors and teacher employers. Students and consultants in the field of education will find this book useful as well.

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Mmbaka Bonface Shisakha, Machi Kemunto Karani Unrest in Secondary Schools Kenya

The focal point of this text is unrest in secondary schools in Kenya. Having gone through the three levels of education in Kenya, (that is primary, secondary and university) and with a long teaching experience, noted that the most serious bottleneck facing our education system is the indiscipline that leads to unrest or strikes in schools and universities. This often escalates into massive destruction of private and public property by students any time they go on rampage.There is need for the Education sector to address the challenge in relation to student discipline. In order to achieve the goals of National education and become a middle level economy by 2030. The nation must awaken to reforms that would help bring change in society. Careful considerations can be made to ensure that unrest is a thing of the past in learning institutions in Kenya by embracing dialogue, collective and participative decision making in learning institutions.

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Cheptenget Rose Use of science projects to teach chemistry in secondary schools, Kenya

The purpose of this study was to investigate teachers' use of science projects as a method of teaching Chemistry in secondary schools in Nandi North District, Kenya. The major research objective was to investigate the extent to which chemistry teachers use projects as stipulated in the chemistry syllabus. The study also sought the factors that influence the integration of projects into the learning of chemistry and establish factors that determine the successful implementation of Chemistry projects. The study population comprised of 16 Form three Chemistry teachers and 320 Form three students in 16 selected Secondary schools in Nandi North District. The 48 schools in the District were stratified into boys and girls and mixed schools and simple random sampling approach was used to select 6 boys and 6 girls and 4 mixed schools. In each school 20 students were selected using simple random sampling technique. The instruments used to collect data were questionnaires, interviews and documentary analysis.

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Nkonge Gatwiri Plight of alternative primary schools in providing basic education

More than half population of out of school children in the world live in Sub-Saharan Africa countries. Kenya, one of the Sub-Saharan Africa countries, 1,010,000 children are still out of school. The government of Kenya implemented APBET policy in 2009 to support Alternative primary schools which emerged in ASALs and informal settlement areas to provide primary education to children not enrolled in formal primary schools. Statistics reveal that 70% of the children population of primary school age in Mathare Constituency; an informal settlement in Kenya is neither enrolled in formal public primary schools nor in the alternative primary schools. The study sought to find out correlation between socio-economic and institutional based determinants and access and participation to alternative primary schools in Mathare Constituency.

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Abdallah Ziraba The role of information and communication technology in the management selected secondary schools Central Uganda

Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Pedagogy - Media Pedagogy, , course: Masters of Education In information and Communication Technology, language: English, abstract: The study was about establishing the role of ICT in the management of secondary schools in selected schools of Central Uganda with particular interest on the role of ICT in enhancing effective financial management, the effect of ICT on examination management; setting, testing, record keeping and grading system and the role of ICT in enhancing effective communication in selected secondary schools in central Uganda. The study was prompted by the realization that management in many secondary schools in Uganda was characterized by inefficiency in the areas of financial management, examination management and dissemination of information in schools which had resulted into declining academic standards yet schools had ICT facilities that could enhance effective management. The study was carried out in selected secondary schools in Central Uganda.I used a cross sectional survey design in this study and I collected data using semi-structured survey questionnaires, interviews and observation. I logically analyzed Qualitative data as the study progressed and I used a Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and excel to analyze quantitative data. Purposive sampling technique was used and tables were used to determine the sample sizes.Upon the role of ICT on management of financial issues, I discover...

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Butali joseck guidance and counselling needs in secondary schools kenya. Simon Ter-Ohanyan (@simont777) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Simon Ter-Ohanyan (@simont777): "Henrikh Mkhitaryan credits Jose Mourinho for key tactical change vs Leicester ...

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Wabwoba Bernard Quaker Church and School Management in Bungoma East District, Kenya

Questions abound regarding contribution of Religious Organizations to management of educational institutions they sponsor. Do they address staffing, discipline, financing and motivational issues of management in these institutions? What hurdles do they encounter while executing their duties. An in depth study therefore becomes eminent to these questions. The researcher has paid utmost attention to management of public secondary schools in Bungoma East District- Kenya, with respect to Quaker Church.

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Philip Eric Akech The impact of leadership styles on academic performance in selected secondary school Arusha City Council, Tanzania

Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2016 in the subject Pedagogy - The Teacher, Educational Leadership, grade: A (5.0), , course: Personal Research Project Report, language: English, abstract: A study was done on the Impact of Leadership Styles on Academic Performance In Selected Secondary Schools and aim of the study was to find out the Impact of Leadership Styles on Academic Performance in Selected Secondary Schools. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of leadership style on the secondary schools heads on their academic performance in selected secondary in Arusha city council.Theoretical framework was grouped on the types of leadership and the academic performance; the study used survey design assessing the impact of leadership style on academic performance in secondary schools in Arusha City Council. It involved seventy (70) respondents in selected secondary schools in Arusha City. Empirical data was collected using questionnaires and SPSS was used as a tool to analyze data. The findings indicated that, there is significance relationship between leadership style and the academic performance.The findings further indicated that, the types of leadership style used in selected secondary used in secondary school was participative and encourage relationship among the teachers, The study discovered that teachers are involved in decision making. There was positive impact of participatory leadership style of school heads that dominates the area on the academ...

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Md. Tariqul Islam Twenty First Century Needs in the Secondary School Curriculum. Bangladesh Perspective

The study investigated the appropriateness of integrated Social Science Curriculum at Secondary Level of the Education System in Bangladesh in the context of meeting present needs of the students. NCTB developed renewed and modified secondary curriculum in 1995. From 1995 to 2009 a long period has been passed but being a continuous process secondary level Social Science curriculum being unchanged yet. The study was an effort to explore the secondary school Social Science curriculum of Bangladesh with regard to the present needs. Focuses was given on: the present secondary level integrated Social Science curriculum of Bangladesh; present needs of the curriculum on the basis of personal, social, national and global perspectives; appropriateness of exiting curriculum considering present needs and so on.

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SHIMBI MAJO Factors Influencing Poor Performance in Science Subjects Secondary Schools Shinyanga Municipality

Master's Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Pedagogy - General, grade: B (3.0), , course: Masters of Art in Educational Management, language: English, abstract: The study aimed at investigating on the factors influencing poor performance in science subjects in secondary schools in Shinyanga Municipal Council. The study used survey research design by applying quantitative technique. Six public secondary schools out of eighteen public secondary schools were sampled for the study; it involved 415 respondents. The form four National Examination results for the past five years in selected secondary schools were used to show trend of performance in science subjects. Structured questionnaires were used to obtain information, and the criterion used in sampling was simple random method. The study found out that the factors influences poor performance were; Inadequate number of teachers, Lack of teaching and learning materials, Poor teaching methods (theory) and students' attitudes towards science subjects. Also the study found out that the suggested solutions to the problem of poor performance in science subjects in secondary schools in Shinyanga municipal council were; presence of adequate teachers, availability of science teaching and learning materials. The study conclude that Scarcity of qualified Science subjects' teachers and inadequate availability of teaching and learning materials are the major factors influencing poor performance in science subjects in seco...

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Неустановленный автор The causes of low academic performances in secondary schools

Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2017 in the subject Pedagogy - School Pedagogics, grade: A, Atlantic International University, language: English, abstract: This study was carried out in Kabale district to ascertain the factors responsible for poor academic performance in secondary schools. Both purposive and simple random sampling methods were used to select respondents. Both primary data and secondary data was collected and analyzed. A number of studies have found out that there are various factors that are responsible for a poor academic performance in secondary schools. However, there is a gap in studies of low academic performance in Kabale district. Academic performance is undoubtedly a research drive at the heart of educators, teachers, psychologists, policy makers, parents and guardians, social workers etc. in their attempts to investigate what determines academic outcomes of learners, they have come up with more questions than answers. In recent, prior literature has shown that learning outcomes (academic achievement and academic performance) have been determined by such variables as family, schools, society and motivational factors.National governments have tried to invest heavily in education in order to improve accessibility and quality of education both the secondary and primary schools. They have however not taken university education as a priority. The upper secondary education however has received little attention by governments and donor agencies a...

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Eva Papp The Importance of Oral Skills. Needs Analysis

The study investigates the hypothesis that language teaching in se­condary schools does not correspond to the requirements claimed by the labour market. Is it because of the insufficient teaching methods, or the poorly organized and compiled syllabus? Or is it because of deficiencies of the individual regarding communication skills? Can it be the lack of experience? In what percentage may the lack of feed­back be responsible? Are there any differences between secondary school and language school English teaching? Are language schools more practical, and aim-oriented?The study examines and analyses the possible reasons of this pheno­mena, including literature overview, assessment of coursebooks and teaching techniques, and analyses the responses on the ques­tionnaires distributed in secondary/language schools, and in the field of labour market.

8127 РУБ



Haruni Machumu The Growing Impetus of Community Secondary Schools in Tanzania. Quality concern is debatable

Document from the year 2011 in the subject Pedagogy - School System, Educational and School Politics, grade: 1-3, Mzumbe University, course: Education Policy, language: English, abstract: This hand book is about the growing impetus of community secondary schools in Tanzania: quality concern is debatable. It falls under three major parts. Part one is an introduction devoted to key ideas pertinent to historical development of community secondary, part two discusses varied themes in relation to community secondary school such as quality, management, indicators concern to quality teaching and learning process, challenges facing community schools and financing community secondary schools in Tanzania. The last part is suggestive way forward and conclusion, since views and practical observation is e made regarding to community school as educational organization. The main focus is granted on how quality management and leadership are employed. The main purpose is to conceptualize the main ideas, issues, benefits varied types and techniques to educational arena. The book commonly employs various pedagogical understanding about the essence, financial and challenges facing quality improvement in community schools. Experiences and observation has been made to community schools in Tanzania and its long stand for provision of education in the country

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Jagjiwan Kaur, Arpita Malhotra Adolescent adjustment problems and school counselling services as percieved by adolecents, educators parents

Master's Thesis from the year 2008 in the subject Sociology - Children and Youth, grade: A, Panjab University (Government Home Science College, Chandigarh, India), course: Masters in Child Development, language: English, abstract: The present study was designed to investigate adolescent adjustment problems and school counselling services as perceived by adolescents, educators and parents. The objectives of the study were: (1) to gain an insight into perception of adolescents, educators and parents regarding adjustment problems of adolescents in various domains, (2) to gauge the views of educators, parents and adolescents regarding need and importance of counselling services in schools, (3) to understand the views of educators, parents and adolescents related to various aspects of implementation of school counselling services.The results obtained from both the responses on the Student problem checklist and on the questionnaires indicated similar perception of adjustment problems. The study revealed that school going adolescents perceived low adjustment in the domains of studies, occupation and health. All the respondents emphasized on the need of counselling for the school going adolescents. However, very few had actually approached any professional ever for counselling and were not very clear about the role of counselors in schools. The results also revealed that adolescents and parents preferred approaching teachers rather than the professional counselors for help. The t...

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Lisa Romano-Dwyer PhD. Creating Safe Schools With Empathy And Peace-building Strategies. Social Worker As Hermeneutist

This book introduces methods for social workers and other professional school-based counsellors to use in collaborative counselling sessions with students and young people. This book reviews evidence-based programs currently used in schools including peer mentoring, restorative justice, and virtues education. It also presents evidence onwhat works from two local research projects led by the author. Findings revealed that students are likely to engage in meaningfulrelationship with teachers, child and youth workers, social workers and psychologists.Arts-based counselling activities engaged marginalized students in meaningful dialogue about their feelings. This bookfurther elaborates on the intimate emotional space created in counselling sessions. It discusses the importance of the consentprocess when working with vulnerable populations. Written primarily for regulated mental health clinicians, this bookoffers hope to young people and families.

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Aris Sarajane Counselling and Helping

This new edition is an indispensable introduction to the core principles of counselling for those interested in counselling and those considering training. It describes the main styles of counselling, provides an excellent framework for helping, and introduces some of the approaches and key tools used within a counselling relationship Offers a stimulating and highly accessible introduction to the key aspects of counselling Recurring case studies to illustrate clearly the practical application of the range of styles and approaches in counselling and experiential exercises are included in each chapter to facilitate the readers learning and understanding Guides the reader, in a straightforward, readable style, through the main issues that arise within counselling/helping relationships A book to enthuse, excite and empower those contemplating counselling training, or those who have embarked on a course and want a broad introduction

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Odhiambo Peter Performance Measurement and Managerial Roles in Secondary Schools

Performance measurement in public secondary schools call for more dynamic approach to school management. School Managers Management Competencies and Performance Indicators used in secondary have raised concern among Education stakeholders. The book make an attempt to explain the performance indicators, Management Competencies and their relationship as regard school academic performance. It is with the hope that it shades light on improvement of school academic performance and equally cultivates a favourable learning and working environment for Education stakeholders.

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